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Professional skills training class in Beijing Vision Technology Co., Ltd Waring long-term investment and development strategies. Around this objective, people-oriented Waring Vision Technology Co., Ltd. Beijing, simultaneous radio and television industry in the world, the introduction of the latest technology to China. Beijing Vision Technology Co., Ltd. Waring professional services and technical training after nearly 30 years of development and growth has been very unique in the industry, full of great influence. In addition to continuously develop a solid type of internal technical support engineers and maintenance engineers, but also a large number of China's radio and television industries provide a wide range of different content, different levels, different modes of a full range of professional training services, training a large number of technology talents.

Our specialized equipment known as the field of radio and television "broadcasting Huangpu" and "Beijing Vision Technology Co., Ltd. Waring senior technical long-term training course", has hosted at 41, nearly 400 graduates from all over the country Big cities television and video media organizations. With a solid technical foundation, many students has become the backbone of the various units or become the industry leader, for their development of China's broadcasting industry has played a certain role.

In traditional training, based on the Vision Technology Co., Ltd. Beijing Hualin development skills training for high-definition television services, to create Waring Vision Technology Co., Ltd. Beijing HD Video Technology, which enables users to receive more comprehensive training services to high-definition .

Beginning in 2007, Waring Vision Technology Co., Ltd. Beijing China Professional Solutions Group Technical Services Division began to build an integrated system of rigorous training and certification. Development, including: Online / centralized training system, examination system and certification, including the integration of management systems, training certification system. China's radio and television industry customers to build advanced training platform.

Type of training available

Series product technical training

Series product training in the use of basic operations

Basic repair and maintenance training series products

Higher repair and maintenance training series products

Studio system operation training

System installation training studio

Adjust training studio system maintenance

Broadcast vehicle-related technical training

Short-term maintenance training

Waring Vision Technology Co., Ltd. Beijing Senior Technical long-term training classes (long-term classes)

Training for high-definition video camera

Skills training for high-definition camera

Special Customized Training

Induction training for the customer in control of our products, we will be based on the use of various regions and timely introduction of training programs and content of all types of customers. Please pay attention to technology and service bulletins.

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