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Service system introduced

To date, Waring Vision Technology Co., Ltd. Beijing China Professional Solutions Group, headquartered in professional and technical services, has set up four National Waring Vision Technology Co., Ltd. Beijing professional and technical service support branches, including in the instrument repair services with network dealer network, including a wide range of professional and technical service network.

Currently, Beijing has a technical service center in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou, more than 30 cities divided into 35 technical service stations, with more than 200 professional service technicians. Professional and technical service network in China face a number of customers, including all professional products, including technical support, technical training, equipment installation, repair and maintenance services, spare parts supply, system integration, integration of broadcast vehicles, including a series of comprehensive the field of programming for professional services, we continue to meet users at all levels of program production and high level of technical support and reliable services. Each net in the Vision Technology Co., Ltd. Beijing Waring maintenance engineer goes through strict examination, training, training and certification, can Waring Vision Technology Co., Ltd. Beijing products provide timely, comprehensive, reasonable, high quality, and the same professional technical support and after-sales service.

Beijing Vision Technology Co., Ltd. Waring professional and technical services to network users face at all levels of programming, providing an overall and comprehensive technical support. According to different needs, tailored for each user professional product support can extend solutions. Currently available for customers including technical hotline support, on-site support, training support, extended warranty service, repair and maintenance programs to support (contract commissioned services), software support and upgrade services, one to one online support and other services. Professional skills training class in Beijing Vision Technology Co., Ltd Waring long-term investment and development strategies.

People-oriented Vision Technology Co., Ltd. Beijing Waring uninterrupted internal training in addition to a solid-type technical support engineers and maintenance engineers, but also a large number of China's radio and television industry to provide product and technical training, training a large number of technical personnel. Around this goal, has so far offered a total of 41 "Waring Vision Technology Co., Ltd. Beijing High Technology long-term training classes," and on this basis, the development of skills training to high-definition television services, enabling users to be more professional technical services. In addition, professional customer service group headquarters and civilian cooperation in the civil service network in the progressive development of the IPM and the VPL of the maintenance service business products, these products continue to meet users with low maintenance cost, multi-service network maintenance business needs.

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