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  • Product Name: RCM-240HD/FHD The Best 24” 10-bit Color Critical LCD Monitor
  • Product Number: RCM-240HD/FHD
  • Added time: 2010-11-09
  • Views : 205

Specification RCM Series:
The RCM 240HD/FHD monitor Utilizing a High-purity RGB LED back light panel to reproduce the most accurate color
possible, provides highly accurate color reproduction as required by the most demanding monitoring applications. It
features an integrated 3D LUT and supports import and export of popular color grading application LUT formats by our
Readvideo-LUT system.Support color gamuts that conform to the ITU standared and match EBU/Rec.709/DCIP3 specifications
for HD Broadcast video.
Product Highlights:
Utilizing wide viewing angle Full HD IPS LCD panel.
Wide color gamut,allowing for accurate and standardized color reproduction.
12Bit signal processing, color depth 1.07B
Support 3D-LUT,REC709, EBU,DCI-P3 Standard color gamut,user LUT upload.
Dual-screen display (PBP and PIP)
Various markers and scan modes
Waveform/Vector scope/Closed Caption
Blue only / Focus Assist / zoom /UMD
Time code display (LTC/VITC 1/VITC 2)
1 6 Ch embedded audio level meters display

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