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  • Product Name: hl-230b
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  • Added time: 2010-11-09
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Model Type of Cell Fixing Interface Rated Voltage Rated Capacity Size(mm) Weight OperatingTemperatue Guarantee



Original Sanyo cell A-class

  Gold-Mount     14.8V 130Wh 100(W)*160(H)*60(D) 850g     -20_+55     2 Years
HL-160A 160 Wh 850g
HL-190A 190 Wh 100(W)*160(H)*80(D) 1200g
HL-230A 230 Wh 1200g
HL-130B   V-Lock 130 Wh 100(W)*160(H)*52(D) 850g
HL-160B 160 Wh 850g
HL-190B 190 Wh 100(W)*160(H)*72(D) 1200g
HL-230B 230 Wh 1200g

*4-stage LED power indicator.

*D-tap output for powering the camera light.

*Compatible with both V-lock and Gold-mount charger via the universal charging interface.

*Built-in protection circuit:To protect the battery from short circuit,over-charging,

over-discharging and over-current.

*Original Sanyo cell.

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