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  • Product Name: HL-1800
  • Product Number: 02
  • Added time: 2011-11-12
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Advantages of Hualin LED Camera light

3-year guarantee

Digital limited current circuit Ensure that the light maintains the same color temperature and  does not shine  Improve the heat sink To make the light always keep a relatively low temperature  during uses Pass the degradation testing

LED light technical specification

• Advanced CNC (Computerized Numerical Control) Circuit,under the same luminous efficiency, to maximize the  effectiveness of light source, more energy-efficient

• Digital Dimming, to maintain the Constant Color Long-life    Light-emitting devices, Can reach 100,000 hours, do notneed to consider any further depreciations and updates    of equipment 

• Equipped with condenser lens, ON/OFF user selectable    Equipped with 3200K Color Correcting Filter, Daylight  color temperature 5600K standard output, can be  reduced    to 3200K through Color Correcting Filter

• Compatible with Sonys series of batteries NP-F970/770,  also allows external 6.2V-16.8V power input

Model No.
Illumination (Use Condenser Lens) Approx. 1m 1600 lux Approx. 2m 400 lux
Color Temperature 3200°K / 5600°K
Illumination angle Vertical Approx. 45° Horizontal Approx.60°(no lens) Approx.30°(with lens)
Power Supply DC 6.5-16.8 V
Power 9 W
Lasting illumination Approx.1550 min (230wh / 14.8V) Approx.350 min (50wh / 7.3V)
Interface Tap D tap power plug
Dimmer 10% ~ 100%
Net Weight 280g
Size(w/h/d) 98 x 80 x 128 mm

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