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WLL 60 / 65 digital 4:2:0 wireless microwave transmission system

HL-WLL-60 / 65 is 4:2:0 professional SDI digital microwave on-board transmitting and receiving system. The video encoding technique platform and modulation technique are developed by Hualin Co. Its most prominent feature is more suitable for the long-distance image transmission in the complex environment and high-speed movement.

Technical Features:

Support for broadcast quality digital SDI, analog composite video input

4:2:0 broadcast quality digital encoding

Adjustable video streams, can be up to 10M of MPEC-2 video streams

COFDM modulation technique

8 levels arbitrarily adjusted frequency and power


Support for transmission in the high-speed movement (more than 180km)

Over 30km stable long-distance transmission

Encryption, to avoid the illegal receiver

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